Activity: The beauty in working together


  • To show that working together is more fun, more beautiful and more inclusive
  • To show that each person has something to offer

Age: Ideally suited for Key Stages 1-2 but could be amended for older children/young people.   

Resources Needed: none (this activity is Shabbat/Yom Tov friendly)


  • Ask the group to line up in height order. Challenge them to see if they can make themselves taller than the tallest person, this could be done by making a human pyramid, working with furniture etc
  • Split the group into 4/5 smaller groups. Chose a well know song/tune.  Ask one group to start by singing the song, then get the next group to join by clapping along to the rhythm of the tune.  Ask another group to then join them by humming along.  Then get the next group to add their sound by stamping on the floor, banging on furniture etc.  If you can get the group to do this successfully, analyse why it worked and how it felt.  Now ask the group to do it, but give each group a secret mission (i.e. be very loud, don’t pay attention to the tune) etc. Talk about how this felt – both while doing it and how they experienced the music.
  • Split the group into pairs, blindfold one of the pair and ask the other one to help them to cross the room (or do another task of your choice). Swap the pairs and do it again.



Talk about how they felt during each activity.  Discussion points could include harmony, inclusivity, collaboration etc.  Read Yoni’s aphorism and ask them what they think and how it relates to what they have just done:

‘Every human being is beautiful.  Each has his own needs, wants, desires, passions which serve to complement and influence our experiences. This realisation not only heightens our empathy towards each other but sets each person a mission.’

Ask each participant to think about how they can help other people work together to reach their goals.


Written by Sam Clifford  Sam Clifford is the director of the Yoni Jesner Foundation and has worked in the Jewish community for nearly 15 years in community programming, leadership development and project management.