Activity: Every Human Being is Beautiful.


  • To think about inner beauty and what makes each of us special
  • To think about our friends and what is special about them
  • To promote positive well-being

Age: Ideally suited for Key Stages 1-2 but could be amended for older children/young people.   

Resources Needed: templates as below, colouring pencils


Ask each child to draw on the Flower template below. Firstly, they should draw a picture of themselves in the centre.

Then, in each petal they should think about what makes them proud about themselves – if they are stuck ask them to think about the following:

  • Something I’m very good at in school
  • Something that makes my family proud
  • Something that I like doing outside
  • Something I’m proud that I have learnt to do

Encourage the children to think creatively and support those who are finding it more difficult.

Once finished, ask some children to share their flowers.  Congratulete the children on finding lots of different things beautiful and talk about how we are all unique and each have something special about us.

Now, ask each child to take another sheet and draw a picture of the person sitting next to them. They should think about what makes that person special and why they like them and write that in the first petal.  Then pass the sheet around (not to the child who its about) and ask others to write something nice about the person.  Carry on until all the petals have been completed.

Please support the children through this and ensure that everything that is being written is positive.

Once completed, pass each child their sheet and ask them to read them.  Ask some of the children to share how it made them feel.  Ask them if it felt different writing something nice about someone else as well as writing about themselves.  Talk about how nice it can feel to make someone else feel good about themselves.

If time, ask them if they would like to do a flower template for someone at home.


Read the following:  “Every human being is beautiful.”  Ask them why they think Yoni wrote it. What do they think it means.

Finish off by encouraging them to seek the good in everyone, including themselves.

If appropriate, the YJF would love to share some of these flowers on our website/social media channels to celebrate their work. Please email them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.