We have created some new resources and activities for this project, written by YJF Alumni and educators.

Under One Roof 2018 - Resources.

There are amazing resources on the Reshet website, looking at healthy relationships.


Under One Roof 2018 Songs

These songs have been chosen for their content and lyrics - watch the videos and reflect on Yoni's quote 'Every human being is beautiful'.

If you have any songs that you would like to see featured here, please email

Dan Nichols & Eighteen Behind the Music: Asher Yatzar 1.33
Dan Nichols explains the creative process behind the song Asher Yatzar from the album I Believe. Featuring the art of Sarah Edelstein.
The Greatest Showman - This Is Me 3.49
The Greatest Showman - This Is Me (Official Lyric Video)
The Greatest Showman - Behind The Scenes 4.50
The Story Behind The Making of The Movie
Christina Aguilera - Beautiful 3.58
Koolulam - One Love – Bob Marley | Tower of David | 06.14.2018 4.49
Koolulam was established with the goal of bringing together people from all walks of life by means of a collaborative musical creation.
NHS Voices -With a Little Help from My Friends 3.18
NHS Voices | With a Little Help from My Friends | #NHS70 | NHS 70th Birthday Charity Single 2018
Everything Is Beautiful - Ray Stevens 3.20
Everything Is Beautiful - Ray Stevens 1970
Barney I Love You Song 1.24

Under One Roof 2018 Reading

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