Samuel Isaac 2Hi, I’m Samuel Isaac and I was a Yoni Jesner Scholar for 2015/16.

I spent the year studying in Yeshivat Har Etzion, focussing on Gemara study and the exploration of my Jewish Identity. The Yoni Jesner scholarship not only provided me with a financial support for my year in Israel, but provided me with a role model in Yoni. Yoni attended my Yeshiva for two years and was a bright and committed student. It is not always easy to stay focussed in yeshiva, but Yoni’s memory gave a goal and purpose to my study; seeing his bookshelf in the library, learning from his sefarim was all an honour and was an important feature of my year.

I am currently studying Theology at Cambridge University and Yoni’s ideals of engaging with the community around him have only become more relevant. I can’t stress how grateful I am to the Yoni Jesner Foundation for making my year in Yeshiva so meaningful.