Yoni had a place at university to study medicine; it was his dream to be able to help save lives. For this reason the family agreed to donate his organs, allowing him one final opportunity to perform this ultimate act of kindness.

Yoni’s organs saved the lives of three people, two Jewish men, and in a unique turn of events, one of his kidneys saved the life of a little Palestinian girl. This became a major news story in Israel and Britain, and subsequently a documentary was made in which Marsha (Yoni’s mother) visited the Palestinian family.

The documentary is called Marsha Gladstone: My Story - A Mother's Journey, and has been the focus of many lectures and discussions aimed at a better understanding of the complex issues facing Israel and the Palestinian people today.

Marsha Gladstone: My Story

The Foundation also takes a close interest in the development of policy regarding Halachic Organ Donation, and in educating towards a better understanding of the intricate difficulties involved.

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Yoni Jesner and Ahmed Khatib
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Yoni Jesner and Ahmed Khatib were, respectively, a Jewish teenager and a Palestinian boy, whose organs were donated to children from the opposite sides of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict after their violent deaths. Yoni Jesner was killed in a Palestinian suicide bombing in 2002, while Ahmed Khatib was shot dead by IDF soldiers, who mistook a toy gun Ahmed was holding for a real one.

A number of news organizations focused on the generosity and faith of the two families, the Jesners and the Khatibs, in the midst of the conflict. Their story was also made the subject of an award-winning BBC World Service program, Heart and Soul, in 2007.

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In June 2012 Marsha and Yael Gladstone were invited to Canada to meet Khaled Katib, brother of Ahmed, and to participate in the Torch of Life relay, helping to increase awareness of the importance of organ and tissue donation and to show how the gift of life transcends all boundaries, whether geographical or religious.

As part of the Organ Donation week of events, Marsha participated in a Press conference at the Queens Park Toronto Parliament building.

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While in Toronto, Marsha appeared on Canadian morning television, talking about her personal experience of organ donation.